Welcome to ’empoweratstuartbathurst.’ Here you will find all the information for an exciting new education project to be launched at Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School: empower. Launched in September 2012, and continuing into it’s 3rd academic year, empower is aimed at raising the standards of girls’ achievement across the school to create the women of the future.

This site will keep you informed of all the activities and achievements of ’empower’ so keep checking for regular updates. Explore the site to learn more about ’empower’ and click on the archives link at the bottom of the page for monthly blogs and interesting information about this project. Wherever you see the audio player above a post, click on it, listen and sing along to some empowering music as you read! To see how you can get involved more actively in empower, click on the links below depending on if you are in Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4.

Note: In the archives section, scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the earliest posts and to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Happy Reading!