Monday 29th October Massage Therapy

The first Monday back after half-term saw another fully booked session at Girls’ Night. Places were once again limited and there was another waiting list as pupils were keen to take part in a workshop on Massage Therapy. The session was led by our very own Dr. Cook from the Science department who is a professional massage therapist in addition to being a teacher!

Dr. Cook began the session by explaining what qualifications would be needed to become a massage therapist and we learnt that it requires completing a course which can be done at a college. There is no need to have other qualifications but having Biology GCSE and A-Level would be useful as of course it involves having an awareness of how the body works. She also explained the differences between a relaxation massage and a sports massage. After this, she began with a demonstration, using Miss Raindi as a volunteer, on the different techniques that one would use to begin a relaxation massage. However, just before Miss Raindi could get relaxed, we were interrupted by Mr Harris, our Headteacher, who took over as the eager volunteer and enjoyed the back massage whilst the girls observed the various techniques that could be used. The girls were then encouraged to try out the techniques on each other. After some hesitancy and a bit of giggling, it was clear to see how much everyone was enjoying the session. At various intervals Dr. Cook taught us some new techniques and by the end of the session we were doing massages that involved a range of techniques and were very long and relaxing. 

The session ended with a short Question and Answer session where we learnt more about the skills and qualities that would be useful to become a masseuse. If anyone is interested in this further. then please ask Miss Raindi or Dr. Cook for more details.

Thank you to Dr. Cook for giving up her time to lead this excellent and interesting session.


The ’empower’ team.


Monday 15th October Nail Art Part 1

The Tower Block was filled with the scent of nail varnish this evening as the girls took to learning how to create beautiful looking talons.
We were lucky to have a guest visitor lead the session tonight. Kieran Sidhoo, a local businesswoman who specialises in Beauty, joined us to teach the art of successful nail painting. The girls learnt about how to hold the nail varnish bottle correctly, how to carefully apply the nail varnish so that it looks professional and also how to create funky designs to make the nails look unique and fashionable. Instead of applying the products to our own nails, we used the tips that can be glued on at a later date.

Much fun was had by the girls, and there were many concentrating faces in TH4. Some girls are clearly budding nail technicians and may be the future Kieran Sidhoo’s of the world…watch this space!

A huge thank-you to Kieran for giving up her time and resources to enable the girls of Stuart Bathurst to take part in such a great workshop.

The ’empower’ team

Monday 8th October-Girl Anthem!

Girls’ Night was re-located today to MU2 where girl anthems of the 21st century filled the music corridor. The evening began with us watching a video of successful female music artists and how they conveyed the message of being an independent woman in the modern world. The girls then completed mind-maps of all things empowering and words that they would associate with what it means to be a girl at Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts. Armed with these mind-maps, we then began writing a chorus for our very own girl anthem in our groups before voting on the best one and beginning to put the winning anthem to some music using Garage Band on the computers.
We are looking forward to the finished piece and would like to thank Miss Wormald for her time and expertise in leading this fantastically musical Girls’ Night.

The ’empower’ team.


It was another fabulous Monday night this evening as the girls took to making felt hand puppets with Mrs Ferris. Places were limited for tonight’s workshop and with a waiting list of people to attend, it seems as though a similar workshop will have to be held in the run-up to Christmas to meet the demand!

TH4 was filled with an array of brightly coloured felt this evening as the girls began their hand-puppets. They used felt and tapestry needles in addition to special embroidery thread to get things started. Before too long, ideas were coming in thick and fast as to how to accessorise the puppets further….crazy hairstyles, sequins and eyelashes were some of the many suggestions!! The evening was also used to start a discussion on the importance of women having successful careers, from teaching to social work to working for top organisations such as L’Oreal, and we are looking forward to continuing this debate further!!

A huge thank-you to Mrs Ferris for giving up her time and sharing her talent with the girls.

Looking forward to more girl power next week…

The ’empower’ team.