Choco-heaven: Monday 24th September, 2012

Question: What do chocolate, gloves and a knife and fork have in common? 

Answer: The ability to cause mayhem and tonnes of fun and laughter in the Tower Block on a Monday evening after-school!!

Monday 24th September was the eagerly anticipated chocolate themed Girls’ Night led by the lovely Miss Haydon. TH4 was once again full of buzzing, positive energy and excitement and, more to the point, chocoholics!!!

The evening began with us experiencing the fine art of chocolate tasting. In our groups, we were challenged to identify a range of chocolates; some tastier than others! The selection included the legendary Cadbury’s Milk chocolate, smart price chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Naturally, much of it got demolished although the particularly bitter tasting 70% extra dark chocolate was kindly left for the staff room! We then took part in a quiz to learn more about the history of chocolate, however the fun really started in the final activity. This involved taking it in turns to roll a dice in groups and if we rolled a 6 we had to put our blazers on back to front, put on a pair of gloves, pick up a knife and fork and eat as much of a giant slab of Dairy Milk (still in the wrapper) as we could! Each time somebody else rolled a 6, the gloves and knife and fork had to be passed on! Laughter filled the Tower Block and much fun was had by all..even if we did all leave feeling slightly sick!

Thank-you to Miss Haydon for giving up her time to lead the session. We are looking forward to what awaits Girls’ Night next week….


The ’empower’ team.



Empower Breakfast Club

This week has been a busy week for ’empower’ and Wednesday 19th September saw the launch of the Empower Breakfast Club. A select group of Year 9 students will be attending each week to explore issues and areas of interest that are important to young women today. 

Breakfast Club is currently running on an invite-only basis but to get involved with ’empower’ and experience some of the things that the Breakfast Club will be doing, come along to Girls’ Night!!

The ’empower’ team


Girls’ Night Launch

Monday 17th September saw the launch of the inaugural Girls’ Night at Stuart Bathurst. Excitement had been brewing since the start of term as to what the night would entail and it was certainly a fun-filled after-school session!

Over 25 girls in KS3 came along to TH4 for the launch party with lots of crisps, cup-cakes, sweets and balloons! A welcome performance that conveyed the message of how important it is for girls to have somewhere to go that is supportive and encouraging in times of need and times of celebration was showcased by two KS4 students and a host of others came along to support and guide the girls as well!

After the introductions, the girls learnt about the ancient indian art of Henna. They designed their own patterns using a hand template and pencil before having the opportunity to use real tubes of Henna to produce some fabulous designs! Steady hands were required!

All in all, it was a successful start to Girls’ Night and we can’t wait for more!!

NOTE: To guarantee your place at Girls’ Night, come along to TH4 on Tuesday/Thursday lunchtimes from 12.25-12.35pm OR mornings before school to collect a pass and sign the guest list.

The ’empower’ team.