Monday 10th June, 2013

Annika Allen came to lead Girls’ Night to share her journey from student to media entrepreneur. She completed her school and education in Birmingham but felt she needed to move to London to be in the best place for media opportunities. Her areas of expertise are music, fashion and urban culture. She is the editor of Flavour Magazine, coordinator of fashion shoots and host of an RnB Karaoke Night called ‘Breaking the Ice’.
Yesterday she discussed the advantages and disadvantages of working in the media industry and the skills you need to succeed. This was particularly useful as the girls were interested in music careers. She also showed them how photos are edited to become the images of beauty young girls like them aspire to. The girls asked her questions about celebrities she has met and they were very impressed when she recalled memories of meeting Beyoncé, partying with P Diddy and interviewing Janet Jackson! The link to her magazine is below:
Mrs Robinson