Monday 5th November-Cupcake Baking

Monday 5th November saw Girls’ Night being relocated to the Cooking Room where we were baking cupcakes with Mrs McCallum. The idea was that we would bake a delicious batch of cupcakes and then sell them the following day in a whole-school cupcake sale to raise money for a charity that is important to women across the country: Breast Cancer Care UK. We were joined for the evening by lots of different staff including Miss Haydon, Mrs Booker, Miss Letford and even Mr Holder tried to invade Girls’ Night (!).

As the girls began to bake, it became clear that there were going to be some interesting varieties of cupcakes: some lumpier than others and some slightly more overcooked than others! However, the evening involved some fantastic team work and there was a great atmosphere in the cooking room even if the washing up was piling up quite highly after about 15minutes!

The cakes looked beautiful by the end of the evening and the pictures can be seen around the screens in school. On Tuesday 6th November, we sold the cakes in a cupcake sale which was open to the whole school and raised over £45 for Breast Cancer Care UK-a great start to our fundraising for the year! 

A huge thank-you to Mrs McCallum for leading the evening and to all members of staff who supported the evening and the cake-sale! We couldn’t have done it without you! Also, a special well done to Heidi Wilson for her help with the cleaning and washing up and her beautifully decorated cup-cakes which sold out within seconds!

Next week will see us completing the hand puppets from a few weeks ago with Mrs Ferris so we hope to see you there!


The ’empower’ team.