Update 3-April 2013

The summer term has a great line-up of activities for Girls’ Night and we are looking forward to welcoming more girls to try activities out. This term so far, we have had two sessions. The first on Monday 22nd April as a collaboration with Sandwell EBP for a fashion fuelled bonanza. A small group of girls attended the session led by Julie Dixon and they explored the theme of fashion and enterprise before coming up with their own futuristic fashion designs using an array of props such as pipe cleaners, tin foil and bin bags! We are looking to roll this session out to target more pupils, including boys, in the future.

The second session of the term was a return to the old favourite, Nail Art. This session was led by our very own Mrs Martin, nail art connoisseur of Stuart Bathurst. Mrs Martin led a group of girls in designing summery designs for beautiful talons as the sun begins to shine and brighten up the days. Much fun was had in the girl-friendly environment and discussions revolving around potential future projects have left us all feeling very excited.


Stay tuned for more posts after the Bank Holiday Weekend about more things ’empower’ and Girls’ Night events.

Wishing you all a great, sunny Bank Holiday.

The ’empower’ team.



Update 2-March 2013

March was a busy month for ’empower’ with a number of events taking place to celebrate International Women’s Day. On Friday 1st March, girls within the ’empower’ group and some Sixth Form students took part in an exciting new collaboration with Mulberry School for Girls in London and author and founder of the Women of the Future Awards, Pinky Lilani. The girls participated in a focus group for the publication of a new book on advice for women and girls by women and girls of all ages and backgrounds. We are looking forward to seeing the end result and will be placing copies in the school library once published.

On Thursday March 7th, a selection of Y9 and Y10 girls attended the Women of the World Education Summit in the Southbank Centre, London. Despite a phenomenally early start before 6am, spirits were high on the bus journey down. After 3.5 hours, we arrived in London, ready for a day of discussion, debate and inspiration. The girls took part in a series of workshops linked to feminism, body confidence, women in the media and gratitude for female role-models in their lives. By the end of the day, although extremely tired, we departed London feeling inspired and buzzing with ideas of how to empower girls across the school…stay tuned on our website empoweratstuartbathurst.wordpress.com for more information and developments!

On Friday 15th March, the ’empower’ Y10 committee launched the inaugural ’empower unite’ day in the West Midlands. The day saw our local primary school girls attend Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School to take part in a series of workshops to raise aspirations and confidence, in addition to developing the leadership of our own girls who organised the event from its’ inception. The girls of Stuart Bathurst have spent many months researching activities, liaising with staff and external organisations and developing key skills such as project management, letter writing and managing a budget. We would like to thank Sandwell EBP and all staff who supported the day and are looking forward to future events of this kind. A promotional DVD will be made by girls during our extra-curricular Girls’ Night and will be made available for all to see.
The ’empower’ team


Update 1

We apologise for the delay in updating the site-this term has been extremely busy with lots going on in the world of ’empower’ at Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts. The blog will be updated in stages to inform you of all that has been taking place.


Stay tuned