What’s to come…

We are aware that there have been some disruptions to Girls’ Night this term due to snow days, staff illness and meetings. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused but look forward to returning with a bang after the half-term break where there will be lots of great sessions such as:

  • kickboxing/self defence
  • women and prayer
  • nail art continued…
  • card making
  • CD/DVD/Photography editing

Stay tuned for our ’empower unite’ event on March 15th which is a transition event for primary school pupils that has been organised by our Year 10 committee with the support of Sandwell EBP.


Happy holidays!


The ’empower’ team



1920’s make-up..

This was a great session where girls came armed with foundation, blushers and eye-shadows ready to re-create the 1920’s look.
We launched the session with a discussion on what we thought the 1920’s look may be before watching a video that either confirmed or dispelled our ideas. The girls then used face-charts to create the look for themselves. The results were great and Mrs Pepper was so impressed that she has said that the girls can support with the make-up of the cast of our school production of Bugsy Malone in March…what an outcome!!

The ’empower’ team

Stand Up, Shout Out!!

Monday 4th February was the inaugural Girls’ Night led by…a man!! Our very own Mr Wollerton stepped up the challenged and delivered a fantastic session on public speaking and how to present our points of view more confidently in all forums.

The session began with our Rotary contender for the year, Sixth Former Chris Beirne, delivering his speech in front of our girls to show them what they too could achieve. Mr Wollerton then discussed the importance of public speaking and gave some great insights in to high-profile speakers such as David Cameron and Barack Obama in addition to discussing high-profile female speakers.

We then practiced some public speaking by introducing ourselves by answering a range of questions supplied by Mr Wollerton and it showed us how capable we were of speaking for longer than a minute! 

The session concluded with the girls all planning their own speeches on important school issues such as uniform, behaviour, school dinners etc. and we are looking forward to welcoming Mr Wollerton back to hear our speeches and judge the winners.

This was a great session that has been quite different to all our previous ones. We would like to thank Mr Wollerton for his time, energy and inspiration and for encouraging us to ‘Stand up and Shout Out’.

The ’empower’ team