Monday 3rd December and Monday 10th December-Hairdressing

For the past two weeks, the Dance Studio has been taken over with hair straighteners, curlers, combs and hair spray! Yes, that’s right, this fortnight has seen the girls of Stuart Bathurst take to hairdressing. Under the guidance of Mrs Newall, our lovely Year 8 Co-ordinator and professional hairdresser, the girls learnt how to style each other’s hair with a Christmas theme. The results were fantastic and it was lovely to see a mix of older and younger pupils working together on their designs and helping each other out. In the second week, the session grew in popularity and we had lots of new faces join us; keen to become dab-hands at the latest styles. Pictures of the styles and the two sessions will be available on the school television screens and we are sure that there will be more hairdressing sessions to come so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to sign up fast so that you don’t miss out!

Thank-you to Mrs Newall for her time over the past two weeks-her story has been inspiring for many of the girls and we are looking forward to learning more from her!

The ’empower’ team.


Monday 26th November-Nail Art Part 2

Tonight saw the second Nail Art session of the term being hosted by Mrs Martin in TH4. Mrs Martin produced an excellent powerpoint describing how she got in to Nail Art and the sorts of things that the girls could do with it. She then showcased several possible designs before letting the girls loose on some fake thumb nails to practice their designs. We are looking forward to completing a full set of nails in the New Year now that we have practiced getting a steady hand! Thank-you to all staff for their support and for kindly donating various bottles of nail varnishes to enable this evening to take place. Finally, a huge thank-you to Mrs Martin for her enthusiasm and fun-filled session.

The ’empower’ team

Thursday 22nd November-Street Dance

This week Girls’ Night moved to a different day as we collaborated with the Street Dance club led by the lovely Miss Berry.
The girls took to the Dance Studio and were welcomed by regular members of the Street Dance Club who showed excellent leadership by modelling some of the basic moves to a Nikki Minaj song. It was amazing to see how quickly a piece of dance can be choreographed and can come together with the right attitude and leadership!
The evening was a great success and it is lovely to see that some of the members of Girls’ Night are now joining the Street Dance Club and we are looking forward to collaborating further in the New Year.
Thank-you to Miss Berry for giving up her time this evening.

The ’empower’ team.

Monday 12th November-Hand Puppets Part 2

This evening saw the second installment of the hand-puupet workshop where Mrs Ferris led the girls in finishing off the puppets they had started before the half-term holiday.
Mrs Ferris had spent her own time tidying up the puppets from before the holidays and showed us how to accessorise them with eyelashes, hair designs and different patterns.
Great fun was had by all and we are looking forward to receiving the finished pieces to judge for a prize after the Christmas Holidays.
Thanks to Mrs Ferris for giving up her time and leading a second workshop with the girls.

The ’empower’ team.