Your Cherished Conference. 

18 of our year 9 and 10 empower cohort went to St Barnnabas church in Eardington today, to the Your Cherished Conference 2015.

From the start, walking up the pink ribbon stairs to be greeted with a beautiful table of goodies and goody bags, the girls knew they were in for a treat. 

They went up stairs to hear from amazing speakers and think about where they are going as young women. They had plenty of sweets and cake to keep them going too! 

The girls have met some truly inspirational women and it has really got them thinking about this years Empower Day in March. 

Thank you Your Cherished for a wonderful day! 


Happy New Year 

2015/16 is looking like a fantastic year for Empower. 

Our new year 9 cohort will be meeting every Friday lunchtime tackling their issues. 

Our year 10 Empower Leaders will be meeting on Wedneaday lunchtime. They have a lot of planning ahead of them. They will be helping with the Empower sleepover on Friday 9th October for our new year 7 girls. Plus, Empower Day in March which is always a fantastic event. They will also be helping with Girls Night every Wednesday after school. 

We also have our annual Clothes Show trip coming up. Keep your eyes peeled around school for details. 

We also see the start of 10E. A girls only form in year 10 helping with academic progress and academic confidence as they embark on their GCSEs. 
This years Empower charity will be Sandwell Women’s aid ( Our first task this year will be collecting toiletries for their refuge centre. 

We have a busy year and can’t wait to see what you lovely girls have in store for us. 

Every week a new girl will take to the blog to share her views. Keep a look out. 

Empower Team 

Girls STEM day

Today our specially selected year 7 and 8 girls and year 9 Empower helpers tried to beat the flood by testing materials and building their own flood proof houses. Some were more successful than other with team ‘Marvin’ taking the crown. 

These girls used their science and maths know how to test the strength and absorbency of the matierials. They also used their geographical knowledge to choose the best location for their houses. All of this was presented at the end of the day before testing their homes against a watering can flood. 

A huge well done to the girls and a thank you to Miss Hampson for planning and running the event. 

Empower 2014/15

Empower has gone from strength to strength this year. 

A huge well done goes to our year 10 empower leaders for planning and leading Empower Day 2015. Thank you to the lovely primary ladies for being amazing and The Apprentice finalist Claire Young for supporting and speaking at the event. 

Our year 9 girls have made a great start this year helping at events and going from strength to strength. 

We also saw the start of our own form group 11e and the girls have left us better women. 

Our thanks go to all the staff and students who have helped and supported Empower this year. Bring on another! 

The Empower Team. 

This week

This week as been a productive one with two great projects getting starter.

Our year 9 girls are looking at make up across the school and delving into their own and their families history with make up.

Our year 10 seniors have began planning for the next empower day which looks like its going to be just as big as the ones before.

Girls night will be starting next week with a film and snacks night. Any film suggestions are welcome!

New year, same empower

Empower will be beginning again with a brand new group of year 9 students and our wonderful girls from last year continuing their journey as empower seniors. 

Look out for news of the girls latest projects and achievements as well as what we’ve been up to at Girls Night, now happening on Wednesday nights. 



It’s been a while since we have updated our blog but things have been incredibly busy at Stuart Bathurst amongst the ’empower’ groups.

Girls’ Night has seen much laughter in the form of chocolate night with some great video footage of the evening to be shared soon. We have also watched some fun films and prepared cakes for a cupcake and pancake sale that was held on March 4th. We raised funds of over £120 for International Women’s Day and many staff came to the cooking room to sample the cakes/help with the decorating and practice their piping techniques! Miss Raindi lived her dream of eating Nutella pancakes at school and they were a popular feature of the bake sale. Many thanks to all who supported us and to the Evans family who pre-baked many of the cupcakes that we sold on the day.

The Year 10 girls also visited St Mary’s Primary School to raise awareness of our ’empower unite’ event and it is safe to say that girls are buzzing with anticipation of what awaits on 21st March…as are staff supporting the event!

On Friday 7th March, Miss Raindi went down to London to visit the Women of the World Conference at the Southbank Centre where she took part in an Open Space discussion about how to achieve Gender Equality in Schools. It was a challenging but rewarding day where she got to speak about all the fabulous empower girls and the work they have done at Stuart Bathurst as well as hear from other schools in London about work they are doing to raise awareness of key feminist issues in schools. Miss was nervous about speaking in front of lots of people but remembered one of the many ’empower’ mottos of ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’! It always feels good to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and this was one of them for Miss Raindi and it goes to show, no matter how old you are, there are always things that you feel nervous about but you should try and override those nerves and try as many new things as possible…remember, The World is Your Oyster!

Special mention must also go to the Y9 empower group who continue with their handwork on the GROW programme and are about to complete the next module in Skin Care. The group have also been meeting at lunchtime to discuss really pertinent feminist issues and are contributing more and more to discussions with passion-well done!

There are now less than two week to go to the Empower Unite event and things are getting very busy indeed! We are very excited about what is coming up and can’t wait to share the happenings of the day with you all.


A huge thank-you to all staff for their ongoing support with the initiative-from running Girls’ Nights, to helping with the cake sales, co-ordinating school visits, wearing the badge with pride and supporting the girls in all their endeavours 🙂

Stay tuned and have a great week.


The ’empower’ team.


A great start to 2014…

Things are already really busy early on in the Spring Term but we are looking forward to the events that are coming up.

We are now liaising with staff in school about the ’empower unite’ day to take place on March 21st, 2014 and are looking forward to visiting the primary schools involved to promote this. 

The Year 9 group have spent the first two weeks preparing for their next assessment on the GROW programme which will take place on January 23rd and will involve using their nail art techniques on a range of teachers!! 

Girls’ Night on Monday 13th January was led by Miss Bibi and she explored using make-up strategies that encourage a natural look. She performed a mini make-over on Miss Raindi (!) and we are going to be practicing these techniques on Monday 20th January. We also discussed the use of make-up in the media and the need for girls to be confident in their own skin rather than conceal natural beauty.

Miss Raindi has  also received more requests for information from other schools regarding using our empower model to help their girls so it is really exciting to see that the word of empower is spreading!

Have a great week!


The ’empower’ team


Reflections on Autumn Term 2013

It’s been a busy term for all at Stuart Bathurst, including all involved in the work of ’empower.’

There are two groups of girls in Years 9 and 10 who are working on separate projects and doing the school proud. In addition, all girls in Key Stage 3 are welcome to attend Girls’ Night on Mondays from 3.15pm-4.15pm.

Our Year 9 cohort have successfully completed two modules on the GROW programme led by Herriott and Millward who are based in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. The girls are supported by their fantastic trainer Sharon, who has taught them the art of manicures and pedicures. They have successfully hosted a SPA evening for staff as part of their assessment, which was very well received and are looking forward to completing their next module on Nail Art in the Spring Term. In addition, the girls have hosted the annual OAP Christmas Lunch with the help of Mr Wollerton and developed their communication and hospitality skills. The girls also attend lunchtime sessions once a week with Miss Raindi to discuss issues important to them and complete activities to raise self-esteem.

Year 10 girls have been putting in to practice the work and skills they learnt last academic year and are beginning to show signs of true leadership as they prepare to host ’empower unite’ for the second year running. This is our transition event with feeder primary schools which was a great success last year and enjoyed by all involved. We are looking to emulate this in 2014 so stay tuned for updates and save the date for 7th March, 2014.

Congratulations must also go to Niamh Lees and Laura Phillips who won the Empower Key Stage 3 and 4 awards respectively for their contributions to the initiative in 2012-2013. It was a real joy to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the girls and their hard-work at Awards Evening but recognition must also go to all the other girls who showed such dedication during their time on the initiative.

Girls’ Night has re-launched in the latter part of the Autumn Term and already we have seen fully subscribed sessions on Henna Art, Nail Art and Christmas Decorations. We are looking forward to hosting more sessions in the New Year and welcoming more girls to try out a session to broaden their horizons and develop their skills further.

Miss Raindi has spent part of the term talking to other schools about the work we have done at Stuart Bathurst to support girls through ’empower’ and we are thrilled to say that there are some schools who are interested in using our model to support their girls; both in the primary and secondary sector.

And so as we reflect on the term that has passed, it is clear that the key learning point is that a culture of collaboration and achievement is becoming embedded amongst girls and staff involved in the initiative and it is a real joy to experience the energy and drive behind some of our pupils who are demonstrating the signs of becoming fine, empowered young ladies, ready to take on 2014 and beyond! We are looking forward to discussing and challenging some of the misconceptions created about women in 2013 in the New Year and making a difference to the lives of more girls in school and our community.

For updates on empower you can check out this page, the school website and our new twitter page @empowersb which poses interesting questions and articles linked to the theme of feminism, education and the place of women in our 21st century world. Feel free to start a discussion and spread the word of ’empower’ as you explore these.

A final thanks must go to all parents, staff and governors who have continued to support ’empower’ through 2013. On behalf of all the team we wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that 2014 is a fabulous, successful and empowering year for you all 😉




Welcome Back

To all staff, students, parents and governors: welcome back to the academic year 2013-2014. Empower will continue to run this year with a range of activities and Girls’ Night will begin in October. Listen out for updates around school and save the date for the launch night!


The ’empower’ team