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A great start to 2014…

Things are already really busy early on in the Spring Term but we are looking forward to the events that are coming up.

We are now liaising with staff in school about the ’empower unite’ day to take place on March 21st, 2014 and are looking forward to visiting the primary schools involved to promote this. 

The Year 9 group have spent the first two weeks preparing for their next assessment on the GROW programme which will take place on January 23rd and will involve using their nail art techniques on a range of teachers!! 

Girls’ Night on Monday 13th January was led by Miss Bibi and she explored using make-up strategies that encourage a natural look. She performed a mini make-over on Miss Raindi (!) and we are going to be practicing these techniques on Monday 20th January. We also discussed the use of make-up in the media and the need for girls to be confident in their own skin rather than conceal natural beauty.

Miss Raindi has  also received more requests for information from other schools regarding using our empower model to help their girls so it is really exciting to see that the word of empower is spreading!

Have a great week!


The ’empower’ team



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