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Monday 8th October-Girl Anthem!

Girls’ Night was re-located today to MU2 where girl anthems of the 21st century filled the music corridor. The evening began with us watching a video of successful female music artists and how they conveyed the message of being an independent woman in the modern world. The girls then completed mind-maps of all things empowering and words that they would associate with what it means to be a girl at Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts. Armed with these mind-maps, we then began writing a chorus for our very own girl anthem in our groups before voting on the best one and beginning to put the winning anthem to some music using Garage Band on the computers.
We are looking forward to the finished piece and would like to thank Miss Wormald for her time and expertise in leading this fantastically musical Girls’ Night.

The ’empower’ team.


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