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It was another fabulous Monday night this evening as the girls took to making felt hand puppets with Mrs Ferris. Places were limited for tonight’s workshop and with a waiting list of people to attend, it seems as though a similar workshop will have to be held in the run-up to Christmas to meet the demand!

TH4 was filled with an array of brightly coloured felt this evening as the girls began their hand-puppets. They used felt and tapestry needles in addition to special embroidery thread to get things started. Before too long, ideas were coming in thick and fast as to how to accessorise the puppets further….crazy hairstyles, sequins and eyelashes were some of the many suggestions!! The evening was also used to start a discussion on the importance of women having successful careers, from teaching to social work to working for top organisations such as L’Oreal, and we are looking forward to continuing this debate further!!

A huge thank-you to Mrs Ferris for giving up her time and sharing her talent with the girls.

Looking forward to more girl power next week…

The ’empower’ team.



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